PADI Seal Team Program

PADI Seal Team Program

Course Information

The PADI Seal Team Program is a pool based program designed for young divers aged 8 - 12 years old. The program builds the kids confidence in the water by completing exciting Aqua Missions learning basic scuba skills and having fun in our onsite heated swimming pool with one of our PADI Professionals.

Part 1 includes all the materials your kids will require and the first 5 Aqua Missions. The Seal Team Crew Pack includes everything a PADI Seal Team member needs to prepare for their Aqua Missions. This includes a fun video, activity book with puzzles and log book pages to track your adventures. Aqua Missions 1-5 cover basic scuba diving skills such as breathing underwater, clearing a flooded mask, recovering a regulator and swimming around underwater experiencing the sensation of being weightless. Each session takes approximately 1 hour and once the 5 missions are complete, they will become a recognised Seal Team Member.

Once the initial Aqua Missions are complete they can move onto Part 2 which includes 10 specialty sessions like creature identification, search and recovery diving, night dive and skin diving. Complete all 10 specialty Aqua Missions and become a PADI Master Seal Team member and join an elite group of young scuba divers.

Course Schedule

The Seal Team program is generally run on Thursday evenings or Saturday’s at 1pm, however we can schedule programs around the school holidays between Monday to Saturday to suit your needs. To find out more about available dates or discuss holiday sessions call on 01924 444888 or email us at

Course Prices

PART 1 - Includes Aqua Missions 1-5 and PADI Seal Team Crew pack
PART 2 (Option 1) - Aqua Mission Speciality Dives
£35 per dive
PART 2 (Option 2) - 10 pack speciality dives


PADI Seal Team Program
PADI Seal Team Program